Welcome to the Quantum Radical Blog & What Happened to Moore’s Law

I hope you, as a new reader of the Quantum Radical Blog, find what I have to say both entertaining and thought provoking. Because that is what it is all about–thinking better and thinking differently about the challenges we all face in our businesses and in our organizations and in our lives. Ultimately, you might think of this as bringing Moore’s Law to the art and science of leadership and management. Although our technology has been transformed over the last century from the discoveries and innovations derived from quantum physics, doesn’t it seem odd that our organizations and leadership and management models don’t reflect the same level of awesome innovation enjoyed by our technologies? What’s up with that?

Well, I have a long list of Blog topics that are intended to give you some insight into my experiences trying to answer that question. But first, I will need to set the stage. The next couple of Blogs will be a bit of a tutorial on the implications of Quantum Physics as they may relate to our everyday working environments. I am certainly not the first person to suggest the connection and I will point you to a number of great thinkers and writers who have very eloquently tackled this in their books. But, just a reminder, these Blogs are not about Quantum Physics–no complex math involved. Instead, they are about how to think  about the challenges of leadership and management within a backdrop of what quantum reality says about how the world really works–using real world examples. This will be no Newtonian walk in the park–forget deterministic approaches to complex issues. You will need to embrace complexity, ambiguity, sometimes chaos, and even some of those less tangible concepts like event horizons and consciousness.

Feel free to comment on my Blogs and challenge my thinking. I always enjoy a good debate.

Q’Rad Randy

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