“The God Problem” by Howard Bloom

I am now reading Howard Bloom”s “The God Problem.” Growing up, I always thought that science underestimated the magnificence of the universe. Howard Bloom has certainly made a noteworthy attempt to describe the underlying themes of nature that intersect to give us such a magnificent universe. One of the reasons that I studied Physics in college was to better understand what makes the universe tick. I enjoyed quantum physics and did very well in that subject. Today I have come to believe that we are at the threshold of even more dramatic technological and philosophical change based on incorporating more and more quantum field theory thinking into our daily lives. QFT will change everything including how we organize, lead, and prosecute human affairs. By taking a quantum view of things, especially during these radical times, I think we can begin to think of out-of-the box, beyond-the-envelope solutions to previously unsolvable human problems. Of course, eventually even QFT may be surpassed by an even better “theory of everything” (perhaps string theory?) and we will have to reinvent ourselves in the spotlight of the new theory. But for now, we live in a quantum world and we need to make the effort to reinvent ourselves as Quantum Radicals.

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